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Which Indian Cricket Team won the 2010 IPL?
Only Team in the English Premier League to never be relegated from top flight football
What was the name of the Olympic Stadium in Beijing
Winner of the 2010 British Open
Who is the 'special one' in European Football?
Who was the Captain of the Ireland 2009 Grand Slam Rugby Team?
Which Baseball team founded in 1901 plays at Fenway Park?
How many points would you receive for a Touchdown?
Which Indian Cricket Legend goes by the name 'Little Master'?
Proffesional Wrestler who went by the nickname 'Hitman'?
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Who is co-hosting the 2011 ODI Cricket World Cup?
In which sport does the way you start play sound like a letter of the alphabet?
Cycling team which shares it's name with the capital of Kazakhstan
Name two of the divisions in the Western Conference of the NHL
A Tennis star who is also a planet
Winner of the 2010 FIFA World Cup
Michael Jordan spent the Majority of his Career at which team
Scottish Tennis star
Winning team of Superbowl XLIV
How many medals did the winning country of the 2010 Winter Olympics receive?

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