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Can you name the numbers less than or equal to 25?

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Lowest non-palindromic number
Smallest prime factor of 91
Second lowest number less than the sum of its factors (excluding itself)
Number of Platonic solids
Lowest two-digit power of two
The lowest number that is the sum of a positive perfect cube and a positive perfect square in two ways
Lowest perfect number
Only even prime
Number of ways to rearrange the letters in 'THAT'
Smallest even perfect cube
Sum of first 6 positive integers
Neither prime nor composite
Fibonacci number before 21
Number of sides in an undecagon
Lowest perfect square that is the sum of two other perfect squares
Factorial of 4
Maximum number of unit cubes visible at one time in a 3x3x3 cube
Smallest number that cannot be expressed as the sum of eight or fewer perfect cubes
Multiplicative inverse of 0.05
Half of second-lowest perfect number
Number of points needed to determine a plane
Triangle number before 21
Highest power of 3 one greater than a power of 2
x + x = x * x = this number
Number of possible partitions of a circle that can be made with 6 lines

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