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Can you name the numbers less than or equal to 25?

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Only even prime
The lowest number that is the sum of a positive perfect cube and a positive perfect square in two ways
Smallest number that cannot be expressed as the sum of eight or fewer perfect cubes
Lowest perfect number
Multiplicative inverse of 0.05
Smallest even perfect cube
Fibonacci number before 21
Number of possible partitions of a circle that can be made with 6 lines
Factorial of 4
x + x = x * x = this number
Second lowest number less than the sum of its factors (excluding itself)
Neither prime nor composite
Smallest prime factor of 91
Number of sides in an undecagon
Number of points needed to determine a plane
Number of Platonic solids
Half of second-lowest perfect number
Maximum number of unit cubes visible at one time in a 3x3x3 cube
Lowest two-digit power of two
Lowest perfect square that is the sum of two other perfect squares
Highest power of 3 one greater than a power of 2
Triangle number before 21
Lowest non-palindromic number
Number of ways to rearrange the letters in 'THAT'
Sum of first 6 positive integers

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