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Can you name the superheroes/villains by every fifth word on their wikipedia page?

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Word SaladCharacter/GroupType
is fictional comic Comics the character changed subsequently first stuntHero
is anti-hero based Universe Conway Sr. character in February a kidnappingHero
is created Mignola a and some true [name] apocalypse to byHero
is appears by Stan the The 1962 magazine the ComicsHero
is appearing the the a Batman Allen Aquaman however beenTeam
are appearing Marvel its #1 created and labeled [name] Dr.Team
is supervillain books he of Siegel first #23 described scientistVillain
is appears Marvel Lee appeared Four archenemy and the isVillain
is superhero books born commonly is senses retracting hand thatHero
are the were Lee and [name] basic is increasing XavierTeam
is created Kane a first #27 then of referred still asHero
is comic DC archenemy directly in paralysis the the by fingerVillain
is in publications created Lee Jack in 1966 story [name]Villain
is character Stan Ditko taken most [name] [name] that enhancedVillain
is original comic Comics was Finger in 1940 aHero
is appears by debuted #39 created scripter Don born usuallyHero
is superhero books the [name] 1941 predecessor created Jack anHero
Word SaladCharacter/GroupType
is appears by Mort he Fun 1941 [name] of likeHero
is comic publications considered cultural writer American 1932 in toHero
is appearing by debuted #1 to of The first writer-editorTeam
is superhero by and he fantasy and character raised and aHero
is superhero by was Stan Everett of and #1 the ofHero
is superhero comic name created [name] May by ranked listHero
are four trained sensei ninjutsu Renaissance in new petty alienTeam
is limited Alan and series Comics and into from submittedTeam
is several from created and original [name] nicknamed incarnations super-speedHero
is created she Star the been almost brief [name] onHeroine
is superhero Comics Comics artist writer first #2 premise fantasyHero
is in Universe of the Adam brother his the fromHero
is originally and Comics Jack in 1941 signature age [name]Hero
is appears Marvel appears #83 created scripter Jack silver theHero
is appears by the X-Men the films in and StanVillain
is superhero Marvel writer Gene was the July characterHero
is with historically was and by marriage and [name] BatmanVillainess

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