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Can you name the superheroes/villains by every fifth word on their wikipedia page?

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Word SaladCharacter/GroupType
is appears by the X-Men the films in and StanVillain
is superhero comic name created [name] May by ranked listHero
is in Universe of the Adam brother his the fromHero
is appears by debuted #39 created scripter Don born usuallyHero
are appearing Marvel its #1 created and labeled [name] Dr.Team
is originally and Comics Jack in 1941 signature age [name]Hero
is superhero books the [name] 1941 predecessor created Jack anHero
is superhero Comics Comics artist writer first #2 premise fantasyHero
is original comic Comics was Finger in 1940 aHero
is anti-hero based Universe Conway Sr. character in February a kidnappingHero
is appears by Stan the The 1962 magazine the ComicsHero
are the were Lee and [name] basic is increasing XavierTeam
is superhero by was Stan Everett of and #1 the ofHero
are four trained sensei ninjutsu Renaissance in new petty alienTeam
is supervillain books he of Siegel first #23 described scientistVillain
is appears Marvel Lee appeared Four archenemy and the isVillain
is appears Marvel appears #83 created scripter Jack silver theHero
Word SaladCharacter/GroupType
is several from created and original [name] nicknamed incarnations super-speedHero
is fictional comic Comics the character changed subsequently first stuntHero
is with historically was and by marriage and [name] BatmanVillainess
is comic DC archenemy directly in paralysis the the by fingerVillain
is appearing by debuted #1 to of The first writer-editorTeam
is superhero by and he fantasy and character raised and aHero
is in publications created Lee Jack in 1966 story [name]Villain
is created she Star the been almost brief [name] onHeroine
is created Kane a first #27 then of referred still asHero
is appearing the the a Batman Allen Aquaman however beenTeam
is limited Alan and series Comics and into from submittedTeam
is comic publications considered cultural writer American 1932 in toHero
is superhero books born commonly is senses retracting hand thatHero
is created Mignola a and some true [name] apocalypse to byHero
is character Stan Ditko taken most [name] [name] that enhancedVillain
is appears by Mort he Fun 1941 [name] of likeHero
is superhero Marvel writer Gene was the July characterHero

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