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He rescued the four hobbits from the old forest and again later from the barrow downs
The first Dwarf to arrive at Bag End was
This is where Isildur buried his father
Turin changed his name to what?
What does Anduril mean?
7 rings were given to what race?
The daughter of Thingol and Melian
The first king of the Vanyar
This knife carved one of the Simarilis from Morgoth's crown
The Third marshal of the Riddermark
He began to call Melkor by the name Morgoth
Merry and Pippin encountered this Ent in Fangorn
Gollum's given name
He created the Dwarves in the darkness of Middle Earth
The name of the battering ram used by Mordor against the gates of Minas Tirith
This is the sword of Fingolfin
The answer to Gollum's first riddle

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