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Team (position)PlayerNationality
Barcelona (FW)Argentina
Real Madrid (FW)Portugal
Barcelona (MF)Spain
Real Madrid (MF)Wales
Monaco (FW)Colombia
PSG (FW)Uruguay
Manchester United (FW)England
Barcelona (FW)Brazil
Manchester United (FW)Netherlands
Barcelona (MF)Spain
Chelsea (MF)Spain
Bayern Munchen (FW)Germany
Barcelona (MF)Spain
Bayern Munich (MF)Germany
Zenit (FW)Brazil
Bayern Munchen (MF)France
Liverpool (FW)Uruguay
Chelsea (MF)Belgium
Bayern Munchen (MF)Germany
Real Madrid (DF)Spain
Manchester City (FW)Argentina
PSG (DF)Brazil
Manchester City (MF)Spain
Arsenal (MF)Germany
Borussia Dortmund (FW)Poland
Team (position)PlayerNationality
Bayern Munchen (MF)Spain
Barcelona (DF)Spain
Manchester City (DF)Belgium
Real Madrid (MF)Croatia
Juventus (MF)Chile
Napoli (MF)Slovakia
PSG (MF)Brazil
Real Madrid (FW)France
Borussia Dortmund (FW)Germany
Real Madrid (MF)Argentina
Napoli (FW)Argentina
Arsenal (MF)England
Machester City (MF)Brazil
Bayern Munchen (MF)Germany
Zenit (MF)Belgium
Monaco (MF)Colombia
Juventus (MF)Italy
Bayern Munchen (DF)Germany
PSG (FW)Sweden
Real Madrid (GK)Spain
Manchester City (MF)Cote d'Ivoire
Arsenal (MF)Spain
Bayern Munchen (GK)Germany
Monaco (MF)Portugal
Tottenham (FW)Spain
Team (position)PlayerNationality
Milan (FW)Italy
Chelsea (FW)Brazil
Schalke 04 (MF)Germany
Real Madrid (MF)Spain
Chelsea (MF)Brazil
Chelsea (DF)Brazil
Juventus (DF)Italy
Manchester Utd (MF)Belgium
Manchester City (MF)Montenegro
Bayern Munchen (DF)Austria
Manchester City (FW)Bosnia-Herzegovina
Arsenal (MF)England
Borussia Dortmund (MF)Germany
Chelsea (MF)Brazil
PSG (MF)Argentina
Milan (FW)Italy
Borussia Dortmund (DF)Germany
Barcelona (FW)Chile
PSG (FW)Argentina
Borussia Dortmund (MF)Armenia
Chelsea (GK)Czech Republic
Real Madrid (DF)Brazil
Lazio (MF)Brazil
Chelsea (FW)Germany
Bayern Munich (MF)Spain
Team (position)PlayerNationality
CSKA Moscow (MF)Russia
Barcelona (DF)Spain
Porto (FW)Colombia
Real Madrid (DF)France
PSG (DF)Brazil
Fiorentina (FW)Germany
Atletico Madrid (FW)Turkey
Inter (GK)Slovenia
Manchester City (GK)England
Everton (FW)Belgium
Chelsea (FW)Spain
Arsenal (FW)Germany
Bayern Munich (FW)Croatia
CSKA Moscow (FW)Cote d'Ivoire
Tottenham (MF)Argentina
Chelsea (FW)Cameroon
Bayern Munchen (MF)Netherlands
Everton (DF)England
Real Madrid (MF)Germany
Chelsea (MF)Nigeria
Chelsea (DF)Serbia
Tottenham (DF)Belgium
Manchester United (FW)Mexico
Barcelona (FW)Spain
Benfica (MF)Serbia

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