Final Fantasy VII Complete Materia List

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Can you name the complete Materia collection in Final Fantasy VII?

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Summon Materia (Red)
Diamond Dust 
Judgement Bolt 
Anger of the Land 
Steal-bladed Sword 
Mega Flare 
Tetra Disaster 
Giga Flare 
Rebirth Flame 
Tera Flare 
Ultimate End 
Command Materia (Yellow)
Let's see you 
Your power is mine! 
I control you! 
Doubly Strong! (sometimes..) 
What Item are You? 
Double Trouble 
Hit all enemies! 
Do that again! 
Twice the ultimate pain! 
Feeling doubly magical! 
Two items better than one! 
Support Materia (Blue)
Why just once? Let's have multiple! 
Add fire, ice, earth... maybe 
Add silence, poison...maybe 
Hit with magic! 
Gimme free MP! 
Gimme free HP! 
Magic overdrive! 
Gimme items too! 
Ouch, take that! 
Ouch, take that! (mage) 
One last throw of the dice! 
Four times suits you well! 
Going to hit you first up! 
Independent Materia (Purple)
I protect you 
Here choco, choco... 
From afar!! 
Hit me: hit you! 
More Magic 
More Health 
You're so Lucky! 
More Magic 
Money, money! 
Must go faster! 
Lvl. up time! 
I'm ready for you! 
Bring on the enemies! 
No fights for me! 
Ultimate magic fill out! 
No snorkel needed! 
Magic Materia (Green)
Hot! hot! 
Eat grass! eh.. and mud.. 
Phew! Thanks man! 
Phew! Normal again! 
Phew! totally... 
Ouch!, gasp, ouch! 
That's enough flashy stuff! 
I don't like the look of you! 
Messing with your mind! 
Tick tock! 
All about percent 
Nothing for you to hide behind! 
Try hit me now! 
No really, try hit me now! 
Gotta go! 
Might see one at night! 
Ice, earth, wind, fire and more! 
Mega magic 

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