greg jennings broken leg

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Can you name the words in the youtube video greg jennings broken leg?

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first part of quoterest of quotehint
this is why i say im one of therest of quote,4 words
i have one of the best rest of quote,4 words
look at dat ****rest of quote,4 words
greg jennings caught dat rest of quote,7 words
dawg but early doh therest of quote,5 words
how is he running with a broken legrest of qoute,8 words
dawg he put da team on his backrest of qoute,9 words
dodododododorest of quote,6 words
i put the team on my fuckin back dohrest of quote,14 words
i do dis **** for maddne huff huffrest of quote,13 words
but i put da team on my back dohrest of quote,10 words
49 20 man **** wit merest of quote,3 words

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