2003 MLB Stat Leaders

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CategoryPlayerStat Number
NL RBI- League Leader141
NL RBI- 2nd132
NL RBI- 3rd131
NL RBI- 4th124
NL RBI- 5th124
AL RBI- League Leader145
AL RBI- 2nd118
AL RBI- 3rd117
AL RBI- 4th117
AL RBI- 5th116
NL HR- League Leader47
NL HR- 2nd45
NL HR- 3rd45
NL HR- 4th43
NL HR- 5th43
AL HR- League Leader47
AL HR- 2nd42
AL HR- 3rd42
AL HR- 4th41
AL HR- 5th38
NL BA- League Leader.359
NL BA- 2nd.358
NL BA- 3rd.341
NL BA- 4th.330
NL BA- 5th.330
AL BA- League Leader.326
AL BA- 2nd.325
AL BA- 3rd.324
AL BA- 4th.317
AL BA- 5th.317
CategoryPlayerStat Number
NL ERA- League Leader2.34
NL ERA- 2nd2.39
NL ERA- 3rd2.43
NL ERA- 4th2.84
NL ERA- 5th2.95
AL ERA- League Leader2.22
AL ERA- 2nd2.70
AL ERA- 3rd2.90
AL ERA- 4th3.13
AL ERA- 5th3.25
NL Wins- League Leader21
NL Wins- 2nd18
NL Wins- 3rd18
NL Wins- 4th17
NL Wins- 5th16
AL Wins- League Leader22
AL Wins- 2nd21
AL Wins- 3rd21
AL Wins- 4th21
AL Wins- 5th17
NL Saves- League Leader55
NL Saves- 2nd45
NL Saves- 3rd44
NL Saves- 4th38
NL Saves- 5th34
AL Saves- League Leader43
AL Saves- 2nd41
AL Saves- 3rd40
AL Saves- 4th36
AL Saves- 5th33

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