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HintRiverFlows from__ to __
Chief river of Southeast Asia, forms border between Laos and ThailandTibet to South China Sea
Chief river of MyanmarNorthern Burma to Gulf of Martaban
China's second longest, named for loess silt it carriesQinghai province to Bohai Gulf of the Yellow Sea
Part of world's largest delta, Serves as a historical route to TibetTibetan Himalayas to Bangledesh
Eastern border of Mesopotamia, flows through BaghdadTaurus mountains to Persian Gulf
Chief river of Pakistan, Source for the name of IndiaTibet to Arabian Sea
Other part of the world's largest delta, Holy river of HinduismHimalayas to Bay of Bengal
Site of the John the Baptist's Baptism, forms Jordan's border with Northern Israelsprings near Mount Hermon in Syria to the Dead Sea
Longest River in China, Site of Three Gorges DamKunlun Mountains to South China Sea
Western border of MesopotamiaZagros Mountains to Persian Gulf

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