Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade

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LineWord Missing
I had a _____ last night we
_____ out to see las vegas
we ____ ourselves in the bright lights
I ____ you could have seen us
Banging for ______ to get home
or at _____ San Francisco
Let's put a ___ on a high card
And spend the ______ on the west coast
Down and to the ____
LineWord Missing
(Here's a map and the pen, the place you _______ at)
Be __________'s best
(All I ___, all I ___)
And ______ don't tell me that I'm dreaming
When all I ever wanted was to dream another ______ with you
If I ____ over when it's over
I'll take this Cali _______ with me
And wake up with the _______ memories

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