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Can you name the dynasties which ruled these countries during the years indicated?

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Dates and country ruledName of dynasty
France, 1589-1792; 1814-1830
England, 1154-1399
Persia, 539-331 BC
China, 1368-1644
Germany, 1871-1918
United Kingdom, 1714-1901
Judah, c.1010-586 BC
Russia, 1613-1917
Egypt, 323-30 BC
Rome, 31 BC-68 AD
Dates and country ruledName of dynasty
Spain, 1506-1700
Israel, c.888-841 BC
Iraq and surrounding regions, 750-1258
Egypt, 685-525 BC
Scotland, 1371-1649; 1660-1714
Thailand, 1782-present
Hawaii, 1810-1872
France, 987-1328
Poland and Lithuania, 1386-1572
Persia, 224-651

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