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LyricsReferenceSong Title
like _____ cuz I'm just a mean c*cksuckerCold Wind Blows
_____ in this b****, dogCold Wind Blows
f*** the _____, light a bongCold Wind Blows
_____ will come to a standstillCold Wind Blows
take a look at _____ next time I inspire you to write a songCold Wind Blows
_____'s back in the boothCold Wind Blows
I'll be nicer to women when _____ drowns...Cold Wind Blows
...and the _____ starts swimmin'Cold Wind Blows
I almost made a song dissin' _____Talkin' 2 Myself
almost went at ____ too, god itTalkin' 2 Myself
_____ keep ya head upTalkin' 2 Myself
_____ keep ya head upTalkin' 2 Myself
_____ keep ya head upTalkin' 2 Myself
_____ isn't here to see me through itTalkin' 2 Myself
Rest in peace to ______Talkin' 2 Myself
you better get lower than _____ inside of a low-riderOn Fire
_____'s on fireOn Fire
Ask _____On Fire
Mr. _____'s on fireOn Fire
hot headed as _____On Fire
cold hearted as _____On Fire
it'll eat through anything, metal, the ass of _____On Fire
dissin' me is just like pissin' off the _____On Fire
got the gall to make _____ piss in his drawersOn Fire
this ain't a song it's a warnin' to _____...On Fire
...and _____On Fire
you gotta rewrite those lines that you said about _____'s hairOn Fire
Does _____ slurp syrup 'till he burpsWon't Back Down
LyricsReferenceSong Title
why you think _____ used to call me Doody?Won't Back Down
make like _____ is in your drawersWon't Back Down
I'm a hit you broads with _____'s force like you pissed him offWon't Back Down
I gave _____ a ValiumWon't Back Down
I'm ready for combat, man/Get it, Calm _____Won't Back Down
so quit tryin' to play the Wall like you're ____W.T.P.
I'll shut the club down like _____ in the mallW.T.P.
as soon as they throw on some _____ I start ballin'W.T.P.
he's immune to _____W.T.P.
I shoot the gift like I'm hollering' 'die _____W.T.P.
missed the tree and hit _____ and two innocent bystandersW.T.P.
they call me the _____ of rapW.T.P.
homie that hood's tighter than _____'sW.T.P.
they say _____ just flipped outGoing Through Changes
I'm a do it just for _____Going Through Changes
_____ this one is for you...Going Through Changes
_____ and...Going Through Changes
_____ tooGoing Through Changes
only thing I fear's _____Going Through Changes
you just think you're _____Seduction
I'm cockin' my head back like _____Seduction
_____ took the 'bomb' from my nameSeduction
where the f*** is _____ when you need him?No Love
_____ is here in spirit, and I'm his spittin' imageCinderella Man
word to _____, keep my Entourage wit' meSo Bad
my love has got you so blind that you couldn't pick _____ of of a lineupSo Bad
his new Slim Shady EP's got the attention of the mighty _____Almost Famous
Now there he goes in _____'s studio cuppin' his ballsAlmost Famous
LyricsReferenceSong Title
I stuck my d*** in this game like a rapist, they call me Slim _____Almost Famous
not even _____...Almost Famous the f*ck are they _____Almost Famous
_____ is screamingAlmost Famous
beat his ass naked and peed in his corner like _____Almost Famous
like _____ they can go f*ck themselves and just dieAlmost Famous
I'm _____ with the wind in his back...Love the Way You Lie
...she's ____Love the Way You Lie
on _____'s Phantom, believe me clownsYou're Never Over
follow me through the fog like I'm _____You're Never Over
If _____ could see me now I know he'd be proudYou're Never Over
_____ you knew I'd come out of this slumpYou're Never Over
_____, not many are lucky enough to have a guardian angel like youYou're Never Over
I knew I was gonna make it soon as you said, 'think of _____'You're Never Over
no stoppin' the force _____You're Never Over
_____ and me we are knockin' on doorsYou're Never Over
go _____ on these bastardsYou're Never Over
I flow like _____'s hairUntitled
run it up the flagpole with _____, see if he's cool with itUntitled
lookin' at me like I killed _____Untitled
_____ on a mule stuntin' on that ass like the f*ckin' Fall GuyUntitled
I don't gas my Mercedes after midnight, I treat it like a _____Untitled
eat your heart out, _____Untitled
'like the _____, and...Untitled
..._____ when they're clashing, get your brains bashed inUntitled
have _____ asking to autograph a blood-stained napkinUntitled

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