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Connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth
Consolidation is suggested during bronchophony when words are (clear/muffled)
Golfer's elbow affects the ____________ epicondyle
PMI pattern in aortic stenosis or left ventricular hypertrophy
Oral cavity finding associated with AIDS that has purple lesions that are raised or flat
Rigidity suggests damage to which brain area
Syphilis sores are (painful/painless)
Major Spinal Level:Dorsiflexion L4
Decreased sensitivity to touch
Increased sensitivity to touch
First sensation lost in peripheral neuropathy
Part of SOAP that includes data that the physician finds. Physical exam findings, lab results etc.
Heberden's and Bouchard's nodes are found in what condition
JVP more than 3-4 cm above the sternal angle is (normal/abnormal)
Congenital displacement of urethral meatus to inferior surface of the penis
Type of breath sound that is low pitched & normally heard over most lung fields
Lower border of a blood pressure cuff should be how high above the antecubital fossa?
Major Spinal Level: Plantar Flexion
Which type of hernia goes into the scrotum
Tenderness and swelling/inflammation of tendon sheaths
Consolidation is suggested during whispered pectoriloquy when words are (clear/muffled)
BMI over which one is considered extremely obese
Normal sebaceous glands that appear as small yellowish spots in the buccal mucosa or on the lips.
Type of breath sound that is louder & high pitched; heard over trachea
Absence of pain sensation
Midline mucosal fold connecting lip to gingiva
Test: With your finger, percuss lightly over course of median nerve in carpal tunnel at wrist
Positive crossed leg raise indicates...
Inflammation of glans penis
Varus test tests the..
Grading Murmurs: Very loud, thrill. Heard with stethoscope partially off chest
Grading Murmurs: Very loud, thrill. Heard with stethoscope off chest
Test for conductive vs. sensorineural hearing loss
Tennis elbow affects the ____________ epicondyle
Valgus test tests the...
Empty can test tests strength of this muscle
Absence of touch sensation
Thick, white patch on the oral mucosa caused by an irritant like tobacco
Calcific tendinitis usually affects this tendon
Test: Auscultate anterior and posterior thorax and have the person repeat 'E'
What test would you use to test the ulnar collateral ligament
When taking a BP the brachial artery should be at the level of what other organ?
Drop arm test is testing this group of muscles
Major Spinal Level:Finger abduction
A BP cuff should be inflated how many mmHg above the point that the pulse dissapears?
Grading Murmurs: Moderately loud
Muscle grading: Full movement against resistance
PMI pattern in dilated ventricle (CHF or cardiomyopathy)
Increased sensitivity to pain
A patient should not eat, exercise, smoke or consume caffeine within ________________ of a blood pressure exam?
Apical impulse should last through the first _______ of systole
Which meniscus is more commonly torn
Inability to recognized a number being written on ones hand by sensation along
Lateral deviation and rotation of the head from contraction of the sternocleidomastoid
Dysdiadochokinesis, the inability to follow a movement with its opposite movement represents damage to what structure
Finger to nose and heel to shin test represent damage to what
Muscle grading: Contraction visible but no joint movement
What type of papilla form a V on the back of the tongue
Soft palate doesn't rise and uvula deviates to the opposite side with damage to what CN?
Lobe affected in Wernicke's aphasia
Palpable, non-tender hard plaques along the dorsum of the penis under the skin. Causes a crooked erection
Lobe affected in Broca's aphasia
Upward deviation of the eye
Bell is for _______ pitched sounds
Major Spinal Level: Knee extension
Test for high ankle sprain
Major Spinal Level: Triceps
McMurray test tests the..
Tenosynovitis of extensor and abductor tendons of thumb as they cross radial styloid
Test: Auscultate anterior/posterio thorax and have the person whisper '99' or '1,2,3'
Infection of the pharyx that is characterized by gray exudates/pseudomembrane
Duct that carries saliva from the parotid gland
Tenderness of distal radius is a sign of this type of fracture
In what quadrant of the mouth should gingival examination begin
Rectal temp. is (greater than/less than) oral temp
Defect with the motor control of speech
BMI over which one is considered overweight
Tenderness over the snuffbox indicates fracture of this bone
Major Spinal Level: Hip abduction
Infection of oral cavity that is a thick white coating that can be wiped away
Standing/valsalva causes an (increased/decreased) prolapse and a(n) (earlier/later) click
Absence of a red reflex on fundoscopic exam is indicative of what?
Grading Murmurs: Loud with palpable thrill
Hoffman's sign is a sign of (upper/lower) motor neuron damage
Lateral deviation of the eye
Reflects pressure in the right atrium
Bunion deformity
What test would you use to test the radial collateral ligament?
Herbeden's nodes are found at this joint
Forward slippage of one vertebra on another
Diaphragm is for ________ pitched sounds
Tight prepuce that once retracted cannot be returned to its original position
Thenar atrophy in injury to what nerve?
Decreased sensitivity to pain
Herpes sores are (painful/painless)
Fibrosis of the glenohumeral joint capsule, with diffuse, dull, aching pain in the shoulder and progressive restriction of active and passive range of motion
BMI under which one is considered underweight
Muscle grading: Movement of the joint but not against gravity
Tract(s) that carry proprioception and vibration
Sternal angle is how many cm above the atrium?
Altered sensation in response to a stimulus, such as feeling a light touch when applying a pinprick
Parotid gland enters the oral cavity near this tooth
Tympanic temp. is (greater than/less than) oral temp?
Tract that carries pain and temperature sensation
Test: Palpate the posterior thorax while the patient says 99
Part of SOAP that includes problem list and working diagnoses
Positive tinel's sign indicates injury to what nerve?
PMI can be found at the midclaviacular line at this ICS
Only feeling sensation on one side of the body when both sides are stimulated simultaneously
Ataxic gait and Romberg sign are characteristic of damage to what?
Test: Auscultate anterior/posterio thorax and have the person say '99' or '1,2,3'
Muscle grading: Movement of the joint against gravity, but not resistance
Bell's palsy is a sign of (central/peripheral) nerve damage
Test for lateralization of hearing
Axillary temp. is (greater than/less than) oral temp?
Phalen's test is testing what nerve?
Flex patients shoulder and elbow to 90 degrees with palm facing down. Rotate the arm internally
Shooting pain into knee, lateral leg, and posterior calf; parasthesias and weakness
Medial deviation of the eye
Lip loses its redness and becomes scaly, thickened, and slightly everted. Classically due to prolonged sun exposure
Contractures that arise from the thickening of the palmar fascia.
Type of aphasia associated with rapid, meaningless speech
Hypertrophic degenerative disease of one or more vertebral facets and thickening of ligamentum flavum causing narrowing of spinal canal
Hypothenar atrophy in injury to what nerve?
Deficiency of riboflavin, niacin, folate, B12, pyridoxine or iron or chemotherapy can cause this tongue finding
Tight prepuce that can't be retracted over glans
Anterior Drawer and Lachmann test both test the...
Consolidation causes (increase/decrease) of tactile fremitus
Major Spinal Level: Wrist extension
Type of aphasia that the person understands but can't express language
Posterior Drawer test tests the....
Rounded, bony growths on the inner surfaces of the mandible that are usually bilateral, asymptomatic and benign
Grading Murmurs: Quiet, heard with stethoscope
Most common cause of chronic back stiffness in men under 40
Softening and fissuring of the skin at the angles of the mouth. May lead to Candidiasis. Due to nutritional deficiencies, or over closure of the mouth due to lack of teeth or ill-f
Test: Reverse Prayer. Hold pt’s wrists in acute flexion for 60 sec.
Shrugging the shoulders tests what CN?
Gland whose ducts are on either side of the lingual frenulum
Benign midline growth of the hard palate
For at least how long should a patient sit with his/her feet on the floor before taking a BP measurement?
Test for the integrity of the Achilles tendon
Major Spinal Level: Biceps
Bouchard's nodes are found at this joint
Muscle grading: No movement detectable
Muscle grading: Movement of the joint against resistance but less than normal
Consolidation would be suspected if you hear this sound during egophony
Test for the integrity of that anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligaments
Major Spinal Level: Finger grip
Altered sensation with an undetectable stimulus, commonly when compressing a nerve
Test for the integrity of the anterio talofibular ligament
Elevate arms to 90 and internally rotate with thumbs pointing down.
BMI over which one is considered obese
How many times should you measure BP on your first encounter with a patient?
Joint that is often swollen, boggy and tender in RA but not in OA
Grading Murmurs: Very faint. Not heard in all positions
Part of SOAP that uses info from patient or reliable source written in the patient's own words
When palpating these nodes the patient should bring their chin slightly down towards their chest
Subcutaneous nodules may develop at pressure points along the extensor surface of the ulna in patients with RA or acute rheumatic fever.
Inability to recognize objects in one's hand by touch along
Small white specks on the buccal mucosa that are an early finding of measles
Major Spinal Level: Hip flexion
What valve is best heart over the 2nd right ICS
Part of SOAP that outlines a course of action

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