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Osteoporosis is preventable and treatable (true or false)
What condition is most closely associated with Scleroderma? (over 90% of cases)
This type of brace supports the knee cap and is used in the treatment of patellofemoral pain
Grade of sprain with mild disability and no laxity
What is mirror box therapy used to treat?
According to the Ottawa guidelines you should xray the knee if the person can't flex past this angle
Most important modifiable risk factor in stroke.
Best x-ray view for acetabular fractures
Longitudinal ligament that resists hyperflexion
Grade of sprain with severe disability and moderate to severe laxity
What is the C in CREST?
What type of stroke cannot be treated with t-PA?
Definition: Cannot meet societal role.
Most sensitive test for ACL tears
In a stroke, the area of infarcted tissue; unable to salvage
What is the most common cause of upper limb amputation?
Treatment for scoliotic curve under 20 degrees
A person with osteopenia should go on a 'drug holiday' after ____ years.
Burst fracture has a predilection for what vertebral levels?
Babesiosis, Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis are all transmitted by what vector?
Treatment of curve scoliotic between 20-40 degrees
What antibiotic covers most tick-borne infections?
What is the eponym for thromboangitis obliterans
Most common bone that is involved in open fractures
Many of the people with Beurger's disease have this lifestyle factor in common
What is the E in CREST?
What is the treatment for human bites?
Polymyositis affects (proximal/distal) muscles.
Predicts a 10 year probability of fracture
According to the Ottawa guidelines you should xray the knee if there is isolated tenderness of what bone
Ability to have the brain rewire itself with the appropriate number of repititions of a given activity
Proximal humerus, distal radius, vertebrae,and the hip are all places you could see this type of fracture
Polymyositis and dermatomyositis favors what gender?
What is the appropriate treatment for CNS and cardiac involved Lyme Disease?
B-lactam antibiotics clindamycin or vancomycin are treatment for Staph or Pseudomonas
What is the best diagnostic tool for finding oral cancers?
Antibody that is associated with polymyositis
Prevent further damage from radical, decrease inflammation, excitoxicity via blood, oxygenation, etc. after a stroke
What type of study is used to diagnose tick paralysis?
Position of hip fracture on physical exam
Treat or Don't Treat: Small penumbra with large core
On T2 weighted imaging CSF is _________. (light or dark)
Long-term use of this drug can result in atypical fractures
Ligament that is between the spinous processes of adjacent vertebrae
Nonrestorative sleep including insomnia, early morning awakenings, and poor quality of sleep overall and alpha sleep intrusion as seen on an EEG is associated with what condition
According to the Ottawa guidelines you should xray the knee if there is tenderness at the head of what bone?
Longitudinal vertebral ligament that is wider and strongerf
Ligament that connects adjectent vertebral laminae
Claudication of both the legs and hands is associated with what vasculitis?
On T1 weighted imaging CSF is _________. (light or dark)
If a patient comes to you with scoliosis and is experiencing back pain, what type of study should you do?
What is the R in CREST?
What is an alternative to cytoxin for severe SLE?
Clear excitatory amino acids, form new receptors, and create new synapses
What is the most common type of fracture associated w/ osteoporosis?
Bracing reverses a scoliotic curve. (true or false)
How many anticytoplasmic proteins do you need to diagnose SLE
What disease is associated w/ a maltese cross finding on microscopic examination?
Definition: Anatomical or physiological dysfunction.
Treatment for tick paralysis
Treat or Don't Treat: Large penumbra with small core
Skin infection caused by various bacteria that leads to inflammation
According to the Ottawa Rules you should get an ankle x-ray in anyone over this age
Injury to this collateral knee ligament is associated with medial meniscus injury
What commonly causes reactive arteritis?
Treatment of scoliotic curve above 40 degrees
What gender does microscopic polyangiitis affect more?
Dehydration, birth and birth control pills are risk factors for what condition?
Organism associated with cat bites
Most important non-modifiable risk factor in stroke.
Most specific marker for Wegener’s Granulomatosis
What drug can be used in the treatment of SLE that reduces the potential of skin involvement?
Injury to this collateral knee ligament is assiciated with proximal fibular injury
According to the Pittsburgh rules do you x-ray if there is no history of acute-blunt mechanism trauma
Symptoms of this condition include: Allergic rhinitis, necrotizing vasculitis of smallest vessels, asthma and peripheral eosinophilia, wrist drop, necrotizing crescentic immune glo
Scoliosis presents with back pain (true of false)
The peripheral area surrounding the area of infarct (core); part of the ischemic lesion that is salvageable in a stroke
Ciprofloxacin used to treat Staph or Pseudomonas
What type of cancers make up the majority of oral cancers?
Gold standard for diagnosis of Sjogren's syndrome
Most common causative agent of osteomyelitis in all age groups
Inflammatory arthritis of the spine
What tick-borne infection can't be treated with doxycycline?
Giant cell arteritis primarily affects those _____________ 50 years old (over or under)
Hyperflexion injury leading to the inability to extend at the DIP joint
The majority of SLE cases affect ________ with next closest high incidence involvement is in the ________.
How many IgG western blot bands are needed to diagnose Lyme disease?
Within what amount of time must you treat an ischemic stroke with t-PA?
Most common myopathy in people over age 50
IV infusions of what have shown promise in treating patients with myositis
Gold standard for diagnosis of giant cell arteritis
What drug can you not give someone during an acute gouty attack?
What visual deficit is common in posterior cerebral artery strokes?
According to the Ottawa Rules you should get an ankle x-ray in anyone with tenderness of this tarsal bone
What is the most common drug class used for the treatment of osteoporosis?
anti-SS-A and anti-SS-B antibodies are associated with what condition
A minimum of how many x-ray views do you need of an injured area?
Most reliable blood marker for the presence of myositis
What is the most important predictor for the incidence of fracture risk in osteoporotic patients?
The key goal of PM&R is to optimize ___________________.
Organisms associated with dog bites
What layer do oral cancers typically start?
Drug class that acts at the level of the osteoclasts to cause apoptosis and destruction of the cells
According to the Ottawa Rules you should get an ankle x-ray in anyone who can't weight bear for _________ steps
What is the S in CREST?
Biggest distinguishing feature between polymyositis and dermatomyositis
Non-specific marker for microscopic polyangiitis and Churg Strauss
What is the shortest amount of time a tick requires for transmiting Borrelia burgdorferi
According to the Ottawa Rules you should get an ankle x-ray in anyone with tenderness at the base of which metatarsal
Syndrome associated with ipsilateral sensation loss of face, contralateral pain/temperature loss, Horner syndrome (T1)
Are men or women more likely to get oral cancers?
Rare hydrochloroquine toxicity involves what organ?
This study is used to diagnose Takayasu's arteritis
Most sensitive test for PCL tears
Takayasu's arteritis primarily affects those __________ 50 years old. (over or under)
Blood supply to the femoral head
Syndrome including GI ischemia, palpable purpura, and glomerulonephritis that most commonly affects children
A person with osteoporosis should go on a 'drug holiday' after _____ years.
Inclusion body myositis is more common in which gender?
What is the most common vector borne illness in the US?
Degenerative arthiritis of the spine
Inclusion body myositis affects (proximal/distal) muscles
How many IgM western blot bands are needed to diagnose Lyme disease?
Weak left gluteus medius may cause hip drop on what side?
Slippage of one vertebrae on an adjacent vertebrae
Grade of sprain with moderate to severe disability and mild joint laxity
What is the only drug that stimulates osteoblasts?
Definition: Unable to perform human task.
Type of study that looks at the fact that Na/K ATPase fails leading to accumulation of water and thus will show up on scans
Ligament that overlies the spinous processes of adjacent vertebrae
Fracture of the pars interarticularis
Grade III ankle sprains often require this type of brace upon return to activity
Dental carries and difficulty swallowing are complications of which disease?
According to the Ottawa guidelines you should xray the knee in all people over what age?
Necrotizing vasculitis of the small vessels typically affecting the lungs, kidney, and skin with an insidious onset of symptoms
What is the T in CREST?
Ligament that prevents posterio subluxation of the dens
According to the Ottawa Rules you should get an ankle x-ray in anyone with tenderness at what edge of the tibia/fibula

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