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Toxin that mediates Toxic Shock Like Syndrome (TSLS)
Virus type that was confused with HIV early on and is associated with a rapidly fatal leukemia
Brucella species carried by dogs
This bacteria is extremely virulent even in very low numbers and is a potential bioterror weapon
Prophylaxis with which drug greatly reduces risk of HIV infection following needle stick?
Genus and species of protozoan causing Babesiosis
Vector for R. prowazekii
This is a relapse disease caused by Rickettsiae that have remained dormant in reticuloendothelial cells
Non-painful macules seen in acute endocarditis
How long must the vector be attached for to transmit Lyme Disease?
Type of female mosquito that transfers malaria causing parasite to humans
Vector for R. rickettsii (genus)
Causative bacteria of Human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis
Dormant plasmodium cells are called..
Vector for E. chaffeenis (Genus and species)
Bubonic plague causes what to become black and hemorrhage?
Schistosoma species that lives in the small intestine
Which virulence factor in Y. pestis is responsible for destructive enzymatic activity directed towards the host
This is a potential causative agent for culture-negative endocarditis.
The Brucella genus causes which condition in humans?
Vector of the organism that causes the plague
Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma is associated with which virus?
First line treatment for malaria
A vector in which no parasite development occurs within the vector
Brucella species carried by cattle
Virus that causes 'kissing disease'
Schistosoma species that lives in the urinary bladder
Marburg and Ebola viruses are which type of virus?
The causative bacteria in leptospirosis is gram ____________.
Plasmodium species responsible for 80% of malaria cases
Virulence factor B. burgdoferi uses to inhibit complement protein
A rash seen with this disease starts on the trunk and moves outward
Complication seen in 10-20% of people after treatment for Lyme Disease that includes lingering fatigue, muscle aches and joint pain
Plasmodium species that prefers RBCs of all ages
Intermediate host for schistosoma
The causative agent of Louse-Borne Relapsing Fever
The vector for B. recurrentis
Cytoplasmic vacuoles that Anaplasma and Ehrlichia grow within
This zoonotic disease causes skin ulcers
Bacteria that causes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Which Brucella species is not transmittable to humans?
Plasmodium daughter cells are called..
Causative bacteria in scrub typhus
Non-malignant, white/gray lesions on the tongue associated with EBV
This condition causes bacillary angiomatosis
Genus and species of vector that transmits Babesiosis
Infection that causes elephantiasis
Classical symptom of HHV6 and HHV7 in children
This organism causes trench fever
Main streptococcal species in subacute endocarditis
This genus has an affinity for endothelial cells and therefore infections by this organism oftern cause vasculitis.
This condition causes interstitial pneumonitis
Cell type thought to harbor HIV virus and transport it to secondary lymph tissue
Effectiveness of which cell type is directly related to life span in HIV patients?
This disease is biphasic, causing first a local eschar then later a diffuse spotted rash
Definitive host and reservoir of toxoplasmosis
Change in the concentration of this ion activates the virulence factors in Y. pestis
Burkitt's Lymphoma is associated with which virus?
Bacteria that causes rickettsialpox
Malaria treatment that is effective against dormant parasites
Brucella species carried by goats and sheep
Co-receptor needed for HIV virus to enter cell.
Which condition has biphasic symptoms with the second phase including Weil's Disease
The vector for B. hermsii (genus)
Genus of the parasite responsible for malaria
Junin, Machup and Lassa viruses are which type of virus?
Organism responsible for Lyme disease
Causative bacteria in Anaplasmosis
Vector for bacteria that cause tularemia
Bacteria that causes leptospirosis
The main vector for A. phagocytophilum (genus)
Rheumatic fever follows which infection?
This disease causes a spotted rash that starts on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet
HTLV-1 has a tropism for which cell type?
Causative bacteria in Murine (endemic) Typhus
This organism is transmitted in its dry form in dust, especially in barnyards and slaughterhouses
This Rickettsia virulence factor allows it to bud from endothelial cells and move to other cells without ever being exposed outside of a cell membrane
The dog tick must feed for a minumum of _____ hours to transmit rocky mountain spotted fever
This disease causes neutropenia and thrombocytopenia and has a slightly longer incubation period
Obligate intracellular parasites that require host-synthesized ATP
Vector that transmits R. akarii
Gene that increases B. burgdoferi virulence by helping it evade the immune system
Schistosoma species that lives in the descending colon
Brucella species carried by swine
Infection by this genus can cause acute, painful cellulitis in 24 hours
Vector for R. typhi
Genus and species of vector that transmits Lyme Disease
This disease causes neutropenia and thrombocytopenia and has a slightly shorter incubation period
Acronym for multi-drug treatment for HIV
Natural host of arena viruses
This bacteria causes the plague
This organism causes Q fever
This genus has linear chromosomes and is highly motile
This organism causes cat-scratch fever
This disease mostly affects neutrophils
Genus and species of protozoan that causes Toxoplasmosis
A vector in which part of the parasite's life cycle occurs within the vector
Causative bacteria in Louseborne (epidemic) Typhus
Helminth that causes Lymphatic Filariasis
Tularemia is caused by this bacteria
Healthcare workers in central Africa have a high infection rate of which virus?
What type of animal commonly carries the bacteria that causes leptospirosis
Main vector for O. tsutsugamushi
This form of plague is highly contagious via salivary droplets
Shape of responsible bacteria for Lyme disease
The spotted rash in this disease does not affect the palms and soles
Causative bacteria in Tick-Borne Relapsing Fever
Skin lesions seen in subacute endocarditis

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