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1893West Brom to Aston Villa £100
1904Sunderland to Newcastle £700
1905Sunderland to Middlesbrough £1,000
1913Barnsley to Sheffield U £2,000
1914Hearts to Blackburn £2,500
1922West Ham to Falkirk £5,000
1922South Shields to Sunderland £5,500
1925Burnley to Sunderland £6,500
1928Bolton to Arsenal £10,890
1938Wolves to Arsenal £14,500
1947Morton to Derby £15,500
1947Chelsea to Notts County £20,000
1948Newcastle to Sunderland £20,500
1949Manchester U to Derby £24,000
1949Sheffield W to Preston £26,500
1950Aston Villa to Sunderland £30,000
1951Notts County to Sheffield W 34,500
1955Charlton to Sampdoria £35,000
1957Leeds to Juventus £65,000
1961Manchester C to Torino £100,000
1962Torino to Manchester U £115,000
1968Fulham to Leicester £150,000
1969Leicester to Leeds £165,000
1970West Ham to Tottenham £200,000
1971Everton to Arsenal £220,000
1972Leicester to Derby £225,000
1974Birmingham to Everton £350,000
1977Liverpool to Hamburg £500,000
1979Middlesbrough to West Brom £516,000
1979Birmingham to N Forest £1,180,000
1979Wolves to Manchester C £1,450,000
1979Aston Villa to Wolves £1,469,000
1981West Brom to Manchester U £1,500,000
1986Manchester U to Barcelona £2,300,000
1987Liverpool to Juventus £3,200,000
1989Tottenham to Marseille £4,250,000
1991Aston Villa to Bari £5,500,000
1995Newcastle to Manchester U £7,000,000
1995Inter to Arsenal £7,500,000
1995N Forest to Liverpool £8,500,000
1996Blackburn to Newcastle £15,000,000
1999Arsenal to Real Madrid £22,500,000
2001Lazio to Manchester U £28,100,000
2002Leeds to Manchester U £29,100,000
2006Milan to Chelsea £30,800,000
2008Real Madrid to Manchester C £32,500,000
2009Manchester U to Real Madrid £80,000,000
2013Tottenham to Real Madrid £85,000,000

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