Who's Kissed the Doctor?

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Can you name the characters who have kissed the Doctor?

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EightDoctor Who (1996 movie)
NineThe Parting of the Ways
NineThe Parting of the Ways
TenNew Earth
TenThe Girl in the Fireplace
TenArmy of Ghosts
TenSmith and Jones
TenHuman Nature
TenVoyage of the Damned
TenThe Unicorn and the Wasp
TenJourney's End
TenPlanet of the Dead
ElevenFlesh and Stone
ElevenDay of the Moon
ElevenThe Doctor's Wife
ElevenLet's Kill Hitler
ElevenWedding of River Song
ElevenDinosaurs on a Spaceship
ElevenDinosaurs on a Spaceship

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