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Can you name the things that are not only but also?

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not onlybut also
Reese Witherspoon movieLynyrd Skynyd song
B-29 Superfortress bomberOMD song
Film/book featuring Nurse RatchedBill Oddie biography
Danny Devito sitcomFrench Samy Naceri flick
Greek poet Son of Mona and Abraham Simpson
First mate of the ship Pequod in Moby DickSeattle based coffee giant
Name used in the Hebrew Bible for the city of BabylonBrad Pitt 2006 film set in Morocco, Japan, Mexico and the USA
20th President of the USA (surname only)Lasagne loving Cartoon Cat
not onlybut also
Largest city in PennsylvaniaTom Hanks Oscar Winning Film
Thai Asia Pacific Brewery productBoston set pub sitcom
Type of salad named after a New York HotelOld heckler from the muppet show
Biologically infected personCranberries hit about troubles in Northern Ireland
Dorothy Gales petBand who bless the rains down in Africa
Voted 7th favorite dish in the US according to the Good HousekeepingRocker who had breasts in fight club
American sitcom starring Elizabeth MontgomeryIrish girl group who blamed it on the weatherman

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