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QuestionRyan Fact
What is the name of the website Ryan creates?
Where was Ryan working when Michael came to recruit him for the Michael Scott Paper Company
What does Ryan say when he walks into the Scranton Branch? (as Michael's boss)
Who helped Ryan and Kelly get together?
What town did Ryan grow up in?
Who's daughter has a crush on Ryan?
What is Ryan arrested for?
Where does Ryan get moved to by Jim?
What dundie does Ryan receive?
Ryan creates a blog for Creed. What is it actually?
QuestionRyan Fact
How many times is Ryan hired in as a temp?
Which girl did Ryan ask Jim permission to ask out?
Who names Ryan in the 'Who would you do' game?
Who's birthday was celebrated on Ryan's birthday one year?
What 'guy' is ryan? (Original)
Who's job does Ryan take at Corporate?
Where was Ryan actually when he claimed to be in Thailand?
As Kelly is shoving food in Ryan's face, she claims that he loves this while he says he doesn't
Ryan hooked up with Kelly on the eve of what day?
What is the name of the social networking site he created?

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