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Well, Shirley, since you've clearly failed to grasp the central insipid metaphor of those Twilight books you devour, let me explain it to you: Men are monsters who crave young fles
Well, I hope you found tonight therapeutic because I would love to pretend that that was my plan.
I had no idea alcohol would make people horny. Makes me sleepy.
You know, when there’s three sprinkled donuts, you don’t eat one and lick another.
It's called a Complisult. Part compliment, part insult. He invented them. I coined the term.
I'm not a coat rack.
I need help reacting to something.
Pop pop!
I can't believe Jeff attacked a table with a fire axe and is still only the second craziest person in the room.
I hope this doesn't awaken anything in me.
Great job on this! Hard to believe i'm not really not really in space.
I'll see you at precisely 6:30. Or as the English call it, 'Grave Digger's Biscuits.'
heh! What a year! Only two pregnancy scares!
If I wanted to run a monkey hotel I'd instal a banana buffet. I'd use vines as elevators, and i'd put tail holes in the bath robes, and I'd lower all the shower knobs.
Damn it Annie! Have you been playing detective? You are going to Nancy screw me out of my credit!
Character QuoteCharacter Name
I'm gonna eat spaceman paninis with black Hitler and there is nothing you can do about it!
I was so unpopular in high school, the crossing guards used to lure me into traffic!
Guys, Shirley just showed up wearing another ambiguous costume. I don't know who she's supposed to be, but she's definitely not Miss Piggy.
Everyone's my bro, because we're all connected. Sharks, eagles, hats.
When you really know who you are and what you like about yourself, changing for other people isn’t such a big deal.
We earn the right to pick on Greendale everyday by going there. Our school may be a toilet, but it’s our toilet. Nobody craps in it but us!
Pizza, pizza, go in tummy, me so hungee, me so hungee!
Try not to wear as much lipstick as you did on Valentine's. Your mouth looked like a coin purse.
I felt more confident when I had a front stinger.
Set phasers to love me!
If you have to ask you are streets behind.
My name is Alex
I’M A MILLIONAIRE. I’M AN INVENTOR. I’M A LEGEND. And I had sex with Eartha Kitt.
The way she left, I could tell that somebody – or something – had really put the scare on her. But what? Why? Stapler? Was I crazy, or were they somehow connected?
What do you need a paper for? You knew what was gonna happen yesterday, you Middle Eastern magic eight ball!

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