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SituationWhat happened
After settling a fight between rachel and monica what does phoebe say they would be to her in prison?
Which food does rachel and phoebe forget to pick up for monica for thanksgiving dinner?
What is joeys chat up line?
Whos dad does phoebe have a dream about?
When Rachel is in labour she asks how many centimetres she is dialated, how many cms is it that ross claims to be the same?
What hits ross in the face and makes him have to go to hospital?
In Central Perk joey tells ross to punch him but then he ducks so what does ross punch?
SituationWhat happened
What are the names of the girls ross has married?
On monicas wedding night what does rachel do for her?
Joey and chandler bought ross a cola drink for christmas but what else did they give him?
What was chandler's excuse for kissing a guy in Atlantic City?
What does ross imagine will be written on his gravestone?
What does phoebe want written on her headstone?
When joey cant decided between sex or food what does he say?

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