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Name the capital of Azerbaijan.
Name the one country bordering Nigeria that starts with a B.
What is the lowest point in Switzerland?
In what year did Hungary get independence?
Name the natural hazard of Macedonia.
How many countries are there in South America?
What is the currency in Haiti?
What is the most densely populated country in the world?
Name the mountain range in Ireland.
How many countries does China border?
What is the largest country that is COMPLETELY in Europe?
What is the capital of Malta?
What is the area of Vatican City? (in miles)
What is the currency in Norway?
What is the lowest point in the Middle East?
What is the currency in Rwanda?
Name the highest point in Spain.
What is the capital of Kiribati?
Mount Blanc is in what two countries?
What is the lowest point in East Timor?
What is the capital of Cyprus?
Name one country that borders Mozambique?
What country's capital is Bucharest?
What is the highest point in Ethiopia?
What are the bordering countries of Liechtenstein?

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