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About the JerkName of the Jerk
Don't sing for him unless you want the whole truth and nothing but the truth....
Dropping Hamiltons like...
Sally Hemings was not his wife...
Self-named tv show host; often crosses the fine line between asking tough questions and being a jerk
This one is legend... wait for it... and I hope you're not lactose intolerant...
Left his wife for Madonna, sleeps with the nanny, all around winner....
Former #1 tennis player, nicknamed 'super brat'
Before Blair won his heart....
7th president of the US; evicted Native Americans to Oklahoma
One of the greatest swindlers in American history; has a financial 'scheme' named for him
Killed the Jews
I'ma let you finish but....
Scientology jerk
About the JerkName of the Jerk
Irish actor famous for being a badass
Sweetheart in Twilight, jerk in New Moon
Conservative commentator; 'Barack the Magic Negro' skit
Audrina Partridge's loser of a boyfriend
Biggest douche of them all...
Great at baseball, not so great at monogamy
Had his own clubs used against him when he cheated....
Creates hits in the studio and at home
Wanted to get his tubes tied to avoid having kids with his wife...
Famous for 'outing' celebs
The original racist (president of the Confderacy)
Screwed over Kate + 8
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