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This 'psychotic lowlife' refuses to do business with Mal in the pilot episode.
This woman has shot Mal and tries to steal his food in the pilot.
This undercover Alliance agent shoots Kaylee and is later shot by Mal.
This old sadist gives the crew the train job.
This 'spoiled dandy' and 'expert swordsman' takes Inara to a Shindig and almost kills Mal.
This lord with a red sash becomes Mal's second in the duel. He also happens to be the only character directly quoted in this quiz.
This female con artist marries Mal, tries to steal his ship, and later teams up with the crew to steal the Lassiter.
This man is the magistrate of Canton, and he hates Jayne.
This son of the previous answer loses his virginity to Inara.
This man was pushed out of a ship by Jayne, loses an eye, and is locked up for 4 years.
This dude was Serenity's original mechanic.
This war buddy of Mal marries the con artist mentioned in a previous question. We love this guy, don't we?
This man fought in the war with Mal and Zoe. He had his dead body delivered to them.
This former companion and friend of Inara runs a whorehouse that looks like a frozen dinner package.
This man impregnates the ****, Petaline, and attacks the whorehouse to get his baby.
This bounty hunter sneaks aboard Serenity to capture River. He also happens to be named after a Civil War general.

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