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DescriptionTermTime used
Term for a southern white supporting reconstruction1865-1877
Term for racial segregation laws in the South1876-1965
Term for the belief that the USA should span from coast to coast1812-1860
Term for drawing district lines to improve the election result for the incumbent party, named after a former Vice President1812-now
Term for a northern democrat supporting the right of secession 1860-1865
Term meaning New-Englander, Northerner or even describing anyone from the United states, especially in war time1770-now
Term for a Northerner supporting Southern slave power1840-1860
Term for a northerner who moved to the south during reconstruction1865-1877
Term for the republican faction supporting civil service and the merit system1876-1888
DescriptionTermTime used
Term for a breakaway faction from the Democrats found in the south and associated with Strom Thurmond1948
Term for a conservative movement within the Democratic party, mostly associated with Grover Cleveland1876-1904
Term for the corrupt New York political machine1789-1968
Party of four US presidents with Henry Clay and Daniel Webster as important ideological leaders1833-1856
Term for the republican faction supporting the spoils system and political machines1876-1888
Term describing a republican voting for the Democrats because of corruption within the Republican party1876-1896
Term describing an illegal military expedition into a foreign country to start or contribute to a revolution1840-1860
Term for a big shift in electorate or voting preference amoung groups in society which lead to a new party system1789-now
Party of former president Theodore Roosevelt, also known as the Bull Moose party1912-1916

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