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How much money does Joey have in his right hand when he works as a waiter at Monica's restaurant?None
What is Carol's last name?None
Who plays Ryan?None
What was Ryan's job?None
Who sang the theme tune to Friends?Reached Number 1 in UK, USA and Australia
What is Phoebe's mum's favourite colour?None
What TV show does Rachel say that Phoebe should apply for?None
Where was Ross' spray tan helper from?None
What is Chandler's middle name?None
Name one of the 2 restaurants that Chandler tries to get Monica a job in when he moves to Tulsa? Monica rejects these for a job in New York
Why did Joey think Monica was hitting on him when he first moved in?None
What does Ross say that he wants to name his and Rachel's baby daughter in Season 2?None
What do the directors call the shows in one setting?None
Who was the producer for the first 2 series of Friends?None
How old was Chandler when he first touched a girl's breasts?HA
Why does Chandler think Richard likes him better than Joey?None
Who is Chandler's girlfriend at the start of series 3?None
Who does Ross think about when he sees Rachel in the Princess Leia bikini?None
Who ends the streak of seeing people naked in the shower?None
What is the name of the girl that Ross sleeps with when he is on a break with Rachel?Works at the Xerox place
QuestionsAnswersExtra Info.
What was the name of Joey's first play in Season 1?None
Which director's picture is on Joey's wall?None
Which channel does Chandler stop the Chick and Duck from watching?None
What was Monica's nickname at High School?None
What was Chandler's job for the first 8 Seasons?None
Who was Phoebe's roomate that nobody knows?None
What was the last line in Friends?None
Who was it said by?None
What was Richard's 'Magic Number'?None
How many of the 'Friends' have lived at Monica's Grandmother's Apartment?None
Who is the only friend not to be married?None
How many of Phoebe's family were at her wedding?None
What was the name of Joey's lipstick?It was lipstick for men and the commercial only aired in Japan
What name was on the nametag that Rachel stole to get into the pharmacy convention in Barbados?Joey's love interest in Season 3 was also called this
Who is the oldest Friend?None
Who is the youngest Friend?None
Who did Monica say was the funniest guy on the planet?None
What was Ross' recurring nightmare when he was a child?None
What was Richard's favourite historical event?None
What was Chandler's favourite book as a child?This is also Cathy's favourite book

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