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Terms related to the Judicial Branch!!!!
The principle that a person cannot sue the government without the government's consent.
Where a plaintiff can shift their costs to the defendant if they win.
The U.S. has a total of 94 of these courts.
A test of judges of ideological purity.
The side that starts a lawsuit.
Means if you cannot afford a lawyer the government must provide you one.
The principle that the judicial branch has the power to decide what is constitutional or not.
A brief filed by a 'friend' of the court.
A lawsuit where the person who brings the suit also represents others in a similiar situation.
Courts created by Congress for a specialized and often temporary purpose.
Terms related to the Judicial Branch!!!!
The minority opinion of a court.
Unofficial principle that if a senator from the same party as the president has an unofficial veto over any potential judicial nominees from hir/her state.
The landmark case that established judicial review.
Highest court in the land.
Executes powers of Article III of the Constitution.
A legal document that lays out the history and facts of a case and makes an argument for one side.
The principle that the judicial branch cannot decide cases that fall under the authority of other branches of government.
Any court that has the power to hear an appeal of a trial court or lower tribunal.
Number of Supreme Court justices.
The principle of precedent.

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