jan14 ens-ens vocabulary pgs. 59-69

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Jan14 ens-ens vocabulary pgs. 59-69

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the scientific study of the spread and control of diseases
not tied or limited
bacteria embedded in ones poop
substances that can destroy or prevent the growth of bacteria and cure infections
gathering in groups
a strong natural tendency to do something
the pieces that are left when something breaks, falls apart, is destroyed etc.
very serious or severe
amplify, make bigger in size
motivation, incentive
happening at the same time
a board made of wood or plastic used for cutting meat or vegetables on.
a social scientist who studies human races, origins, societies and cultures
the practice of keeping yourself and your environment in order to prevent illness and disease
searching carefully and thouroughly
an autoimmune a disease caused my substances that usually prevent illness
a very small creature like a spider that lives on plants, animals, carpets etc.
physical defects
slightly different
casual, behaving in a calm and relaxed way
an infection
a machine or container holding something that you can obtain quickly, by pulling a handle or pressing buttons
impure or dirty
involving different groups of people in a community
determined not to change your mind or to be persuaded about something
a new plan for dealing with a particular problem or for achieving a particular purpose
to gain a further advantage for yourself from a situation
a thin coating that forms on teeth and contains bacteria
existing from the time a person or animal is born
the way you notice things, especially with the senses
connected with breathing
fear of microorganisms that cause infection and disease
impact; effect
not important or not concerned
diseases; ailments
that kills bacteria

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