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YearBoat NameType of Boat Raced
1851fleet regatta
1870fleet regatta
1871schooner match
1876schooner match
188165' sloop
1885NYYC 85'
1886NYYC 85'
1887NYYC 85'
1893SCYC 85'
1895SCYC 90'
1899SCYC 90'
1901SCYC 90'
1903SCYC 90'
1920Universal 75'
1930Universal J-Class
1934Universal J-Class
1937Universal J-Class
YearBoat NameType of Boat Raced
1958IYRU 12mR
1962IYRU 12mR
1964IYRU 12mR
1967IYRU 12mR
1970IYRU 12mR
1974IYRU 12mR
1977IYRU 12mR
1980IYRU 12mR
1983IYRU 12mR
1987IYRU 12mR
1988DOG match
2010DOG match

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