Rulers in 1914

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Can you name the Rulers in 1914?

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King of the United Kingdom1910-1936
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom1908-1916
President of France1913-1920
Emperor of Germany1888-1918
Emperor of Austria-Hungary1848-1916
King of Belgium1909-1934
Queen of the Netherlands1890-1948
King of Denmark1912-1947
King of Norway1905-1957
King of Sweden1907-1950
King of Spain1886-1931
President of Portugal1911-1915
King of Italy1900-1946
King of Serbia1903-1918
King of Romania1866-1914
King of Romania1914-1927
King of Greece1913-1917
Czar of Bulgaria1887-1918
Czar of Russia1894-1917
Ottoman Sultan1909-1918
Emperor of Ethiopia1913-1916
President of China1912-1915
Emperor of Japan1912-1926
President of USA1913-1921

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