Rulers in 1800

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King of the United Kingdom1760-1820
Prime Minster of the United Kingdom1783-1801
First Consul of France1799-1815
Holy Roman Emperor1792-1806
King of Prussia1797-1840
King of Denmark and Norway1766-1808
King of Sweden1792-1809
King of Spain1788-1808
Queen of Portugal1777-1816
King of Naples and Sicily1759-1825
King of Sardinia1796-1802
Czar of Russia1796-1801
Sultan of Morocco1792-1822
Ottoman Sultan1789-1807
Shah of Persia1797-1834
Emperor of China1796-1820
Shogun of Japan1786-1837
President of the United States1797-1801
Leader of Haiti1794-1803

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