Rulers in 1290

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King of England1272-1307
Queen of Scotland1286-1290
King of France1285-1314
King of Germany1273-1291
King of Denmark1286-1320
King of Norway1280-1299
King of Sweden1275-1290
King of Sweden1290-1318
King of Portugal1279-1325
King of Aragon1285-1291
King of Castile1284-1295
King of Naples1285-1309
High Duke of Poland1290-1305
High Duke of Poland1290-1291
Grand Duke of Lithuania1285-1291
King of Bohemia1278-1305
King of Hungary1272-1290
King of Hungary1290-1301
Czar of Bulgaria1280-1292
Emperor of Byzantium1282-1328
King of Jerusalem1285-1291
Sultan of Egypt1280-1290
Sultan of Egypt1290-1294
Khan of the Golden Horde1280-1299
Khan of the White Horde1280-1302
Khan of the Il-khanate1284-1291
Khan of Chagatai Khanate1282-1307
Great Khan1260-1294
Shikken (Tokuso) of Japan1284-1301

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