Rulers in 1225

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Holy Roman Emperor1211-1250
King of France (I)1223-1226
King of England1216-1272
King of Scotland1214-1249
King of Norway1217-1263
King of Denmark1202-1241
King of Sweden1222–1229, 1234–1250
King of Castile1217-1252
King of Aragon1212-1276
King of Portugal1212-1233
King of Sicily1198-1250
Doge of Venice1205-1229
King of Bohemia1198-1230
King of Poland1211-1227
King of Hungary1205-1235
King of Serbia1196-1228
Czar of Bulgaria1218-1241
Grand Prince of Kiev1223-1235
Latin Emperor (in Constantinople)1221-1228
Emperor of Byzantium (in exile)1222-1254
Emperor of Trebizond1222-1235
Queen of Jerusalem1212-1228
Queen of Armenia1219-1252
Queen of Georgia1223-1245
Sultan of Rum1220-1237
Sultan of Egypt1218-1238
Sultan of Delhi1211-1236
Emperor of Song China1224-1264
Emperor of Jin China1224-1234
Mongol Khan1206-1227

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