Rulers in 1066

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Can you name the Rulers in 1066?

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King of England1042-1066
King of England1066
King of England1066-1087
King of Norway1046-1066
King of Denmark1047-1074
King of France1060-1108
King of the Romans1056-1105
King of Scotland1058-1093
King of Castile1065-1072
King of Aragon1063-1094
King of Navarre1054-1076
King of Leon1065-1072
Duke of Apulia1057-1085
Doge of Venice1043-1071
Duke of Bohemia1061-1092
Duke of Poland1058-1079
King of Hungary1063-1075
Seljuk Sultan1063-1072
Byzantine Emperor1059-1067

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