Napoleon's Marshals

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Can you name the Marshals of the First French Empire?

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Napoleon's Chief of Staff1753-1815
Napoleon's brother-in-law and King of Naples1767-1815
Refused to take part in the invasion of Russia1754-1842
Defeated by Wellington at Vitoria1762-1833
'L'Enfant chéri de la Victoire' 1758-1817
Hero of the Battle of Castiglione1757-1816
Became King of Sweden and Norway1763-1844
Won the Battle of Pozzolo1763-1815
'The Hand of Iron'1769-1851
Killed at Aspern-Essling1769-1809
Later Prime Minister of France1768-1835
'The Bravest of the Brave'1769-1815
'The Iron Marshal', hero of Auerstedt1770-1823
Killed by a cannon ball1768-1813
Hero of the Battle of Valmy1735-1820
Captured Danzig in 18071755-1820
Was captured at the Battle of Novi1754-1818
Governor of Les Invalides1742-1819
Commanded the I Corps at Friedland1764-1841
His father was from Scotland1765-1840
Delivered the decisive blow at Austerlitz1767-1847
The last of Napoleon's marshals to die1774-1852
Captured Valencia in 18131770-1826
'The Owl'1764-1830
Born in Poland, killed at Leipzig1763-1813
Led the right wing at Waterloo1766-1847

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