Kings of Navarre

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824-851House of Íñiguez
852-882House of Íñiguez
882-905House of Íñiguez
905-925House of Jiménez
925-931House of Jiménez
931-970House of Jiménez
970-994House of Jiménez
994-1004House of Jiménez
1004-1035House of Jiménez
1035-1054House of Jiménez
1054-1076House of Jiménez
1076-1094 (also King of Aragon from 1063)House of Aragon
1094-1104 (also King of Aragon)House of Aragon
1104-1134 (also King of Aragon)House of Aragon
1134-1150House of Jiménez
1150-1194House of Jiménez
1194-1234House of Jiménez
1234-1253House of Champagne
1253-1270House of Champagne
1270-1274House of Champagne
1274-1305House of Champagne
1284-1305 (Consort, also King of France)House of Capet
1305-1316 (also King of France)House of Capet
1316 (also King of France)House of Capet
1316-1322 (also King of France)House of Capet
1322-1328 (also King of France)House of Capet
1328-1349House of Capet
1328-1342 (Consort)House of Évreux
1349-1387House of Évreux
1387-1425House of Évreux
1425-1441House of Évreux
1425-1479 (Consort)House of Trastámara
1441-1461 (Rival claim)House of Trastámara
1461-1464 (Rival claim)House of Trastámara
1479House of Trastámara
1479-1483House of Foix
1483-1517House of Foix
1484-1516 (Consort)House of Albret
1517-1555House of Albret
1555-1572House of Albret
1555-1562 (Consort)House of Bourbon
1572-1610 (also King of France)House of Bourbon
1610-1620 (Navarre merged with France)House of Bourbon

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