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Founder of the Medici bank1360-1429
'Pater Patriae'1389-1464
Founder of the Popolani branch of the family1395-1440
'The Gouty'1416-1469
Patron of Donatello1421-1463
'The Magnificent'1449-1492
Murdered in the Cathedral1453-1478
One of his assassins, from a rival family1444-1478
His other assassin-1479
'The Unfortunate'1472-1503
Wife of Jacopo Salviati1470-1553
Monk who drove the Medici out of Florence1452-1498
'The Popular'1463-1503
His brother, also known as 'The Popular'1467-1498
First Medici Pope1475-1521
Duke of Nemours1479-1516
Second Medici Pope1478-1534
Duke of Urbino1492-1519
The last of the great condottieri1498-1526
Illegitimate son of the Duke of Nemours1511-1535
'Il Moro', first Duke of Florence1510-1537
Assassinated the Duke, his cousin1514-1548
1st Grand Duke of Tuscany1519-1574
Queen of France1519-1589
Her son, King of France1544-1560
Her son, King of France1550-1574
Her son, King of France1551-1589
Third Medici Pope1535-1605
2nd Grand Duke of Tuscany1541-1587
3rd Grand Duke of Tuscany1549-1609
Commander-in-Chief of the army of Venice1563-1621
Queen of France1575-1642
Her son, King of France1601-1643
4th Grand Duke of Tuscany1590-1621
Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia1595-1666
5th Grand Duke of Tuscany1610-1670
6th Grand Duke of Tuscany1642-1723
7th Grand Duke of Tuscany1671-1737

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