Dukes of Burgundy

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880–921Bosonid dynasty
921-923Bosonid dynasty
923-952Bosonid dynasty
952-956Bosonid dynasty
956-965Robertian dynasty
965-1002Robertian dynasty
1002-1004Robertian dynasty
1004-1016House of Capet
1016-1032House of Capet
1032-1076House of Burgundy
1076-1079House of Burgundy
1079-1103House of Burgundy
1103-1143House of Burgundy
1143-1162House of Burgundy
1162-1192House of Burgundy
1192-1218House of Burgundy
1218-1271House of Burgundy
1271-1306House of Burgundy
1306-1315House of Burgundy
1315-1350House of Burgundy
1350-1361House of Burgundy
1361-1363House of Valois-Burgundy
1363-1404House of Valois-Burgundy
1404-1419House of Valois-Burgundy
1419-1467House of Valois-Burgundy
1467-1477House of Valois-Burgundy
1477-1482House of Valois-Burgundy
1482-1494 (Regent)House of Habsburg
1482-1506House of Habsburg
1506-1555House of Habsburg
1555-1598House of Habsburg-Spain
1598-1621House of Habsburg-Spain
1621-1665House of Habsburg-Spain
1665-1700House of Habsburg-Spain
1700-1706House of Habsburg-Spain
1713-1740House of Habsburg
1740-1765 (With his wife)House of Habsburg
1740-1780House of Habsburg
1780-1790House of Habsburg
1790-1792House of Habsburg
1792-1795House of Habsburg

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