Blackadder - The Black Seal

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Can you name the The Six Most Evil Men in England from the Black Adder episode 'The Black Seal'?

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DuelistKilled his own parents
ArcherKilled his own parents
Highwayman'Your money AND your life.'
Robs beggars'It's got a bit of a sting in its tail.'
Monk'I was just ministering extreme unction.'
DwarfBull-buggering Priest-killer of no fixed abode
Aternate candidateThe grave robbing assassin of Aldwich
Aternate candidateThe cattle-rustling cannibal from Sutton-Coalfield
Aternate candidateThe man-hating goat-murderer of Dingle Bay
Aternate candidateSenior arch-deacon of the Diosces of St Bothar, the entrail-eating heretic of Bath and Wells
Blackadder's nemesisThe most evil man in the world

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