The Age of Alexander

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Can you name the important people of the Age of Alexander the Great?

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Alexander's family and relatives
Alexander's father (382-336 BC) 
Alexander's mother (375-316 BC) 
Alexander's mother's brother (370-331 BC) 
Alexander's father's 5th wife (Died 336 BC) 
Father of father's 5th wife (Ca. 390-330 BC) 
Alexander's wife (Murdered 323 BC) 
Alexander's wife (Murdered 323 BC) 
Alexander's wife (Murdered 309 BC) 
Alexander's son (323-309 BC) 
Alexander's bastard son (Ca.327-309 BC) 
Alexander's sister (Ca. 356-308 BC) 
Alexander's halfbrother (359-317 BC) 
Alexander's friends and enemies
Assassinated Alexander's father (Executed 336 BC) 
Alexander's childhood tutor  
Alexander's famous tutor (384-322 BC) 
Alexander's best friend (356-324 BC) 
Alexander's persian lover 
Alexander's horse (Ca. 355-326 BC) 
General executed for treason (Ca. 400-330 BC) 
Son of general executed for treason (Killed in 330 BC) 
Killed by Alexander in a drunken rage (Ca. 375-328 BC) 
Famous Athenian statesman (384-322 BC) 
Persian king of kings (Ca. 380-330 BC) 
Indian king who fought Alexander (Died 317 BC) 
Alexander's successors (The Diadochi)
Alexander's lieutenant (Ca. 370-321 BC) 
Regent of the Macedonian Empire (Assassinated ca. 320 BC) 
Regent of the Macedonian Empire (Ca. 397-319 BC) 
Betrayed by the Argyraspides (Ca. 362-316 BC) 
Satrap of Media (Ca. 355-314 BC) 
Regent of the Macedonian Empire (394–303 BC) 
King of Asia Minor and Syria (382-301 BC) 
King of Macedon (Ca. 350-297 BC) 
King of Egypt (Ca. 367-283 BC) 
King of Macedon (337-283 BC) 
King of Asia Minor and Thrace (360-281 BC) 
King of Babylon and Persia (Ca. 358-281 BC) 

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