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SM Entertainment
Henry (member) 
D.O. it! 
Xiumin (member) 
Fanclub is ELF 
Debuted with 'Twinkle' 
Was a judge at KStar 
Onew Syndrome is very serious in this group ;) 
Ballad group comprised of different groups 
You Gotta Keep UR Head Down 
Krystal (Member) 
YG Entertainment
Fanclub is called Blackjacks 
Came as an established artist 
'I'm Mr. G in the club in my B-Boy stance.' 
YG's Maknae 
Candy Bear 
Debuted in America with 'Girls' 
Undebuted group that will debut before the end of the year 
Fanclub is High Skoolers 
Pledis Entertainment
Dancing machine that went solo 
Part of her name sounds like 'Bambie' 
Before debut known as After School Boys 
Nana, Uee, & Jungah are in this subgroup 
Debuted with Wonder Woman 
Fanclub name is Hello Cupid 
Orange Camel o.O 
Undebuted group that will have 17 members 
JYP Entertainment
Male solo artist 
Placed 3rd on Kpopstar 
2 members are Chinese, the other 2 Korean 
Made comeback with 'Like This' 
One Day 
Female duo; one member is from Kpop Star 
One Day 
Duo that starred in Dream High 
Cube Entertainment
Male soloist from Kpop Star 
HyunA & Hyunseung sub group 
Sub-Unit of their Girl group 
Debuted with 'Insane' 
Got attention from being 'recycled' idols 
It's all 'Black & White' 
A Yellow 
One member was in Wonder Girls 
Star Empire Entertainment
Longest running female idol group 
Kwanghee (member) 
Sub-unit of their only boy group 
All were models before being idols 
Male ballad duo in the military right now 
FNC Entertainment
parang (파란) band 
Sub Unit that debuted with 'Love Letter' 
Lead singer is in 'You're Beautiful' 
Female solo artist that first debuted in Japan 
Core Contents Media
Coeducational School 
Debuted with 'Lovey Dovey Plus'  
Female Vocal Quartet 
They got rid of 1 member for bullying 
J.Tune Entertainment
Made a comeback with 'Love Song'  
Duo from the male idol group 
Only female idol group in this agency 
Fanclub is called A+ 
NH Media
Coed duo; one sings and the other plays the guitar 
Fanclub is called Kissme 
AJ and Eli 
Loen Entertainment
Newly debut boy group of their company 
Played Kim Pil Suk in Dream High 
Leader's name is Jae 
Coed group with only 1 guy 
DSP Entertainment
Hara (Member) 
Skittles sub group 
Kinda sounds like 'a jack' 
Nega Network
3 man band 
Nickname Brown Eyed Boys pre-debut 
Jo Kwon & Gain 
TS Entertainment
It's the Zinger! 
Another member introduced with 'Never Give Up'  
Fanclub is called Baby 
Starship Entertainment
Brothar (Brother) 
Solo artist that made comeback with 'I Need You' 
Brothar sub group 
Woollim Entertainment
Duo of their only male idol group 
Undebuted girl group 
Self proclaimed '#1 Performance Duo' 
TOP Media
CAP (member) 
Debuted in a variety show with their sunbaenim's 
Bran New Stardom/ Stardom Entertainment
Cho PD produced/managed them 
Jellyfish Entertainment
Won Superstar K 
'I need therapy.' 

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