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Can you name the characters, places, and things from the Harry Potter universe based on their FMLs?

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'Kicked an insolent blond kid and now my head’s on the chopping block. FML.”
'Girlfriend got petrified along with Hermione. FML.”
'Unwittingly got the woman I have always loved killed. FML.”
'Forgot where I put the only thing that keeps me from forgetting anything else. FML.”
'Stupid girl threw a book at me today. FML.”
'Accidentally drank a cat hair today. FML.'
'Picked up a parasite in Albania and now I can't shake it. FML.'
'50 people apparated inside of me tonight. WTF? FML.'
“Tracked peacock poop into the mansion again. Husband's going to kill me. FML.”
'Got cursed by a necklace and almost died. Should stop having illicit restroom liasons. FML.”
'My boyfriend doesn't want to play 'For the Greater Good' anymore. FML.'
'And I would have gotten away with world domination if it weren't for those meddling kids. FML.'
'Asked Death for an unbeatable wand then got murdered for it. FML.”
'Got stuck by Percy’s head boy badge while snogging. FML.
“Dropped green bowler hat in the mud. FML.”
'Sat all day on a brick wall in cat form. FML.'
'Learned Barty Crouch’s secret then got obliviated, tortured, and murdered. FML.”
'Became an alcoholic after getting blamed for a crime I did not commit. FML.'
'Ate doxy eggs and missed quidditch trials. FML.
'Missed work and woke up in an abandoned theater. FML.”
'Tried to curse my acne away but ended up severing my nose. FML.”
'Cut out a minute early on work duty for the business deal of a lifetime, but now my boss is pissed as hell at me. FML'
'Have to constantly pick up these knit hats so my friends don’t get offended. FML.”
'Apparently goat charming is frowned upon these days. FML.”
'Got accidentally killed by my daughter today. FML.”
'Won’t stop raining in my damn office. FML.”
'Got left for days in dark under a statue of a one-eyed witch. FML.'
'A car hit me today. WTF is up with that? FML.'
'Only got 36 birthday gifts this year. FML.”
'Got caught clipping venomous tentacula leaves without permission. FML.”
'Lost a couple of fingernails on the way home. FML.'
'Got away from Dawlish en route to Azkaban only to get killed by Fenrir Greyback. FML.'
'Pretty sure Harry Potter tried to kill me with a snake today. FML.”
'Filthy Mudbloods infesting my house! FML.'
'That bitch Bellatrix set me on fire. FML.'
'Have been replaced by Sir Cadogan while on sick leave. FML.”
'Went for it with my ex-boyfriend only to be cock-blocked by my brother. FML.”
'Some idiot stabbed me in the forest. Now I'll haunt him forever. FML.'
'My back pain’s so bad I can’t go camping anymore. FML.”
'My sister always gets the hotter guy. FML.'
'Dursley keeps accusing me and Hestia of trying to steal his house. FML.”
'Mom made me get a haircut for my brother’s wedding. FML.”
'Got expelled from Hogwarts today for my pet. FML.'
'Don’t know who my dad is so I don’t know my blood status. FML.”
'Broke a promise and now I'm covered in boils. FML.'
'Watched my master get gobbled up by inferi. FML.'
'I finally have my first kiss and the girl starts to cry. FML.'
'Horn not from crumple-horned snorkack after all. FML.”
'Heist plan failed and boss took my wand. FML.”
'My boyfriend dumped me for Astoria Greengrass because I’m a raging bitch. FML.”

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