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Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! | 2004 
He went full retard and went home empty handed | 2008 
A grown man with a invisible friend, is that normal? | 1950 
Listen to Gabby Johnson's authentic frontier gibberish | 1974 
'Wait till Biggus Dickus hears of this!' | 1979 
Mission: From God. Objective: Raise $5000 | 1980 
Warning! This movie contains the most annoying sound in the world! | 1994 
Finkle is Einhorn! | 1994 
Donny should always know when he's out of his element | 1998 
A Mirage? Or is Sir Lancelot actually attacking the castle? | 1975 
Irish-German actor went on a crash diet for the role | 2008 
'Wait....pull the string! Pull the string!' | 1994 
He's the only cop that can't be bribed | 1973 
Based on the book 'Between a rock and a hard place' | 2010 
The nicest man on earth was treated as a freak | 1980 
Sweet peas can be poisonous | 2007 
A french fashion magazine editor suffers a stroke and writes his memoirs by blinking | 2007 
Who says co-workers can't make a good couple? | 1967 
Soccer can also be played only with your left foot | 1989 
Andy did you hear about this one? | 1999 
Science Fiction
Roy's likes to make mashed-potato sculptures | 1977 
Only in Russia you can enter 'The Zone' | 1979 
She's the ultimate weapon against evil | 1997 
Promotion to 'Information Retrieval' | 1985 
Tin foil hats will stop the aliens from reading your mind | 2002 
We are no longer at the top of the food chain | 1968 
One of them definitely shot first | 1977 
Colored pills have the strangest side-effects | 1999 
There's an 8th passager on board | 1979 
By Grabthar's hammer, you shall name this movie! | 1999 
Mystery & Thriller
I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine | 1951 
Laughter at a police line-up...cause by flatulance? | 1995 
It's a 216-digit number | 1998 
The party's at floor 7 1/2 | 1999 
Vanity license plate: D-FENS | 1993 
'Teddy. Don't believe his lies' | 2000 
4 graves, 5 victims... | 1999 
Nitroglycerine is hard to transport in trucks | 1953 
Trouble at the monastery | 1986 
No door is to be opened before the previous one is closed | 2001 

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