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The comical version of 'Strangers on a train' | 1987 
T-800 got pregnant in the name of science! | 1994 
Rufus T. Firefly will give you financial assistance | 1933 
These underdogs represented their tropic nation at the '88 Winter Olympics | 1993 
His daddy once saved five crackheads from a burnin' building, by himself | 1998 
A preview of Super Mario Bros. 3 | 1989 
Epic 'Lord of the rings' vs 'Star Wars' battle for supremacy | 2006 
'Hey fishy fishy fishy!' | 1999 
Frank likes to sing 'Who let the dogs out?' | 2002 
'Don't You (Forget About Me)' – Simple Minds | 1985 
Everyone's mad as hell in this movie | 1976 
'O captain, my captain' | 1989 
H.B. Warner, Buster Keaton, Anna Q. Nilsson appeared in the card game scene | 1950 
Alec Baldwin teaches the 'ABC' of sales | 1992 
Two veteran actors both won an Academy Award for their performance as a couple | 1981 
He'd rather call it a kaiser blade | 1996 
'What movie won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1955?' | 1994 
He likes milkshake...end of story! | 2007 
He can count toothpicks faster than anybody | 1988 
Games played in the movie: 'Humiliate the Host', 'Get the Guests' and 'Hump the Hostess' | 1966 
Man with Harmonica | 1968 
They used to be in the 'Hole-in-the-Wall Gang' | 1969 
Before giving a memorable Oscar speech in '96, he used to be a mute | 1994 
He was actually a dentist, but most people called him 'Doc' | 1993 
Don't cross paths with the robot gunslinger | 1973 
Jon Bon Jovi made the soundtrack for this one | 1990 
Note: Meeting Miller at 12 p.m. | 1952 
All three share the same goal: find the Confederate gold | 1966 
Based on the television series, also Tom Cruise's character in 'Top Gun' | 1994 
'This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend' | 1962 
Warning: Settlement occupied by prawns | 2009 
Robert Porter (or Prot to his friends) claims he's from another planet | 2001 
It takes a speed of 88 mph to time travel | 1985 
Your DNA determines where you belong in this futuristic society | 1997 
I still don't know how the 3 shells in the bathroom work | 1993 
The trick is to cover yourself in mud | 1987 
'The last of the V8 Interceptors... a piece of history!' | 1981 
This movie is actually a long music video by Daft Punk | 2010 
Alarm song: 'Non, je ne regrette rien' by Edith Piaf | 2010 
Dewey, Huey...wait where's Louie? | 1972 

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