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Can you name the the antagonist or the protagonist given their description?

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A police officer takes on a group of highly organized criminals in a Los Angeles skyscraper led by a cunning terrorist
A young boy practicing magic at a boarding school tries to stop a psychopathic wizard from ridding the world of non-magical heritage
A billionaire dedicated to protecting his hometown from the criminal underworld by night is confronted by a mass murdering, schizophrenic clown
A high school senior takes karate lessons in order to defeat his school rival at the 'All Valley Karate Tournament'
A British MI6 agent is sent to investigate a wealthy man obsessed with gold
An American writer arrives in Vienna not long after WWII on a search for his friend who is believed to be dead
An astronaut is on a mission to track the source of an alien artifact while interacting with an malfunctioning intelligent supercomputer
A retired police officer is hunting a fast, intelligent replicant who wants to meet his creator
A secretary stops overnight at a hotel owned by a schizophrenic, homicidal maniac who dresses up in women's clothing
A young FBI trainee is pursuing a homicidal sociopath who wants to make a woman suit out of real skin and seeks help from a convicted brilliant psychiatrist
A film star crippled after a car accident is being cared for by her sister, a former child star whose career devolved into a succession of box office flops
A Sergeant who spends time with music, dancing and drugs gets in a direct conflict with another Sergeant who goes berserk and kills innocent people during the Vietnam war
A hacker is drawn into a rebellion against the machines and is being hunted by an agent whose purpose is to cleanse the system of undesirable material
A writer gets injured in a car accident and a mentally unstable fan offers to help on the condition that he pens a new novel
A cyborg is sent back in time to protect a resistance leader from a more advanced, shape-shifting liquid metal cyborg
A soon-to-retire county sheriff is on the trail of an unstoppable hitman hired to recover the missing drug money
A high school student is being stalked by an escaped mental patient who murdered his older sister when he was 6 years old
A starfleet admiral and his crew try to stop a genetically-engineered tyrant from acquiring a terraforming device
A young man leaves home and finds himself apprenticed to a Jedi master in order to stop a ruthless heavy-breathing masked sith lord
A U.S. Lieutenant recruits eight Jewish-American soldiers for a mission behind enemy lines to hunt down a nazi colonel who pursues Jews in hiding
A U.S. Customs Special Agent arrives in San Pedro to investigate a mysterious massacre after a crippled con man, who survives the incident, snitches to escape prosecution
A recidivist criminal is transferred to a mental institution run by a nurse who's terrorizing the misfit patients
An eccentric college student who investigates a possible homicide crosses paths with a psychotic amyl nitrite inhaling gangster
A convicted banker uses his skills to win favor with a corrupt warden by doing the books for his illegal business schemes

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