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*Youngest Boy of the Simpson Family*
*Where the Simpsons shop - Kwik-E-.....*
*TV comedienne with TV show Miranda, Miranda ....*
If you punch somebody, you .... them
American alternative-rock artist, .... Cobain
Hit Nintendo DS and Wii racing game, Mario ....
What you throw on a dartboard
Muddy substance, good for biking
.... Straits, rock band
Republic or Ireland, also known as....
First part of Einstein's catchphrase - ....eka!
Make something better, treat
Sweet, adorable
Deaf-.... is when you can't hear or talk
Name for a dog or insulting nickname
*.... Cardle, X-Factor UK 2011 winner
When dogs or animals lose hair or fur
In the sea, or good on chips
When things are reduced in stores
On the bottom of your shoe, or type of fish
A spud in your sock is also known as a ....
*Simpsons biblical bowling team, the .... Rollers*

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