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Arcot Ramathorn + Rod Farvo = Car ________?
'Who wants a ___________ ride?!'
'Don't think boy. ______ do you know how fast you were going?'
'Move that gigantic _____________!!' (2 words)
'Littering and... littering and... littering and... ___________' (3 words)
Afghanistanimation, Johnny _______
'You know Farva, only you can make a ____ man blush.'
'Nobody owns the water. It's ____'s water.
'Well what I said was 'yeah sure' but what I literally meant was 'yeah sure ___''
QuoteMissing Word
'I'm going to show you where the wild ______ goes'
'Smother me in _______ you big dirty man!'
Who dresses in the bear suit?
What is the name of the local police department?
Super Troopers, also known as the _________ State Police.
What was Foster doing at the beginning of the movie that prevented him from hearing about the speeder?
'You boys like _______?!'
Thorny shot at Mac to test what invention?

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