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The first woman prime minister of the United Kingdom
This Grand Prince turned Russia into a fully autocratic state during his reign
the first woman Prime Minister of India
He preserved and spread the Hellenistic culture that his conquests made possible
She maintained Egypt as a more or less independent power - own army,own ruler,own budget,own foreign policy throughout her reign
This king solidified the system into fixed tax districts and he imposed a fixed tribute system as well with the tribute demanded reflecting Persia's wealth
A leader that ended segregation apartheid in South Africa
He conquered most of the European continent and extended French control into Asia and Africa
This man brought the Period of Warring States to an end by unifying the nation under his control and constructed the first Great Wall of China
The first Roman Emperor
Mongolian man that conquered the most densely populated civilizations of the 13th century
A Shogun that put his prerogatives at the Emperor's disposal and resigned 10 days later
Spread Buddhism all over the world and gained control over Central and South Asia
Prime Minister of Cuba who gained a reputation of an anti-capitalist and openly refuted the American dominance in Asian countries
The leader of the Nazi party and a notorius dictator of Germany

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