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DescriptionNameNationality/Culture/Known From
First US woman on a coinUSA
Beheaded Babylonian generalBible
Underground Railroad conductorUSA
Among other things, her navy defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588British
The sun never set on her empireBritish
Famous Cold War prime minister of EnglandBritish
Guided Louis and Clark across the continentUSA
DescriptionNameNationality/Culture/Known From
Was told not to eat a certain fruitBible
Immortalized for supposedly saying 'Let them eat cake!'French
Historical figure credited for saving her kingdomFrance
Virgin who was told she would bear the son of GodBible
A major cause of the English ReformationBritish
Was told not to bury her brotherGreek mythology
Trusted not to open a box with evil in itGreek mythology

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