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In Disney's 1942 film ''Bambi'', the title character befriends a rabbit called Thumper and a skunk by this name.
This singer, born Marvin Lee Aday, was a vegetarian for 15 years of his life.
German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, widely known for his ''God is dead'' statement, had a father and grandfather with this occupation.
Marc Summers, the host of this mess-filled game show first aired on the children's TV network Nickelodeon, had obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Home to such celebrities as Björkörk, this European island country has the world's greatest number of hot springs.
Dennis Wilson, the drummer of this ''surf rock'' group, drowned in 1983.
Former rodeo rider Wayne McLaren, who appeared in advertisements as ''The Marlboro Man'' in 1976, died from cancer of this organ.
The only member of ZZ Top not to sport an abundance of facial hair on his chin had this surname.
Commonly heard during the seventh-inning stretch, this song was composed by two people who had never been to a baseball game.
William James Morrison of Nashville and Josef Delarose Lascaux of New Orleans, two men who filed patents for cotton candy (fairy floss) machines, held this occupation.

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